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What is Generic BellHD™ ?

Generic BellHD™ is a brand new product by Bell Media which takes Video Spokesperson to a whole new level.

Business category / industry specific "generic Video Spokesperson" has been dubbed a worlds first!

Until Generic BellHD™ there has been no option to simply and affordably have a Video Spokesperson on your website without the complications and costs of having custom video for your website shot which is not for everyone.

Normally a professional custom shoot using professional actors, script writing, hosting, post production, technology, and setup a custom Video Spokesperson can cost anywhere between $1000 - $3000 with anywhere between 2-8 weeks wait for your final live product.

Now Generic BellHD™ Video Spokesperson can be on your website within minutes!!

What you see is what you get. Simply choose your business category, and your preferred actor ... then it's a simple matter of copy and paste one line of code into your website and you are done!

What's the benefit ?

Regardless of whether or not you are here because you are impressed, excited, intrigued, curious, or "must have one" the BellHD™ Video Spokesperson has captured your attention! Your not alone ... it will capture other peoples attention and it could be vistors on your website looking to purchase goods/services from you ... why not capture their attention aswell!

Stand out from your competitors and step away from the boring youtube style video introductions and offer your potential clients an eye grabbing, friendly, and real live person on your website speaking directly to them.

Video Spokesperson categories?

Who are we ?

BellHD™ is a product by Bell Media (not known by any other name), a company which for the last several years has been providing specialty technology services for business to business applications.

Bell Media has provided and currently provides services to some of the largest companies, franchises and government departments in Australia and around the world, including Ford Motor Company, Virgin, Suncorp Bank, Aussie Home Loans, MelbourneIT, iSelect, Solatube, Mercure hotels, TAFE, Signarama ... etc.

Bell Media currently services over 2000 small, medium and large businesses and is the premium supplier for its niche products BellME™ Free Call (click to call) and BellHD™ Video Spokesperson in Australia.

All the best!

The BellHD Team.

BellHD Todo list!
  1. Find my category.
  2. Choose my video.
  3. Add to my website.

Features & benefits ...

  • Access 1000s Videos
  • Instantly available
  • Control panel
  • Free global hosting
  • Copy and paste setup