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I can't watch the videos?

1. Update your flash player!
You will need the latest flash player. Update flash player here!

NOTE: Sometimes windows will not update flash correctly, in this case you may need to uninstall flash from "add/remove programs" before visting the link above.

2. Check your firewall/Virus scanner is not blocking it.
Some firewalls or virus scanners may be blocking the videos. Add "*" and "*" (without quotes) to your firewall/virus scanner.

3. Firefox Flashbock extension
Firefox Flashblock extension has a bug that will double load flash even if you have allowed a site. Disable this addon and try again.

The video is not playing automatically anymore?

This feature is the "Play Behaviour", "playonce" feature. It will automatically Play Once for every visitor that visits your webpage with the video on it. When they return the next time to that page that person will need to press the play button to watch the video again. It is the best option to capture the attention of new visitors without annoying repeat/return visitors.

It is customisable via your BellHD administration panel.

Please login at and switch "Play Behaviour" FROM "playonce" TO "yes". Mouse over the little help icon for help for each option.

In our experience "playonce" is the best option since it will play automatically for every new visitor and it will not annoy your repeat visitors by playing every single time they visit a page.

Can I change or add a few words in the video?

No, Generic BellHD web video presenters are premade videos shot with a real human in a studio. Adding or changing a few words will require a complete reshoot with an actor. Custom shoots start at around $1000.

If you would like a more customised video for your business please enquire about our Custom BellHD Video Spokesperson

Please Note: Custom BellHD Video Spokesperson may range anywhere from AU$999 and up depending on current specials or packages. Generic BellHD Video Spokesperson are the best value you will find any where in the world.

Can I test this to make sure it will work?

Sure, copy and paste the code below and place that into your html source code on a page on your website. Paste the javascript into the html code of the page you wish this video to appear. Do not place in the head tags, place just before closing body tag where possible.

What is the $99 installation fee?

If you cannot do it yourself or do not have a web developer handy and need the BellHD team to setup the code on your website there is a $99 setup fee. This is once off setup fee for a one time installation on 1(one) domain only. Reinstallation may incurr additional fees/charges.

BellHD Todo list!
  1. Find my category.
  2. Choose my video.
  3. Add to my website.

Features & benefits ...

  • Access 1000s Videos
  • Instantly available
  • Control panel
  • Free global hosting
  • Copy and paste setup
I am sorry, I am still a little confused ...
  1. Who are you?
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